BLUairspace - Augmented Reality Platform Location Aware

You can now target your audience by location.

Augmented Reality gets located

The BLUairspace enabled apps take customers from print to fully interactive and personalized experiences on the mobile devices they depend on every day.

The platform now supports location aware experiences. Marketeers can now target their messages to specific locations, a shopping mall, event or conference, a city or even a country.

Setting up a location in BLUairspace

Imagine viewing an automotive brochure, you might now be shown a video of the product with local specifications, in a local language, and provided with buttons to make contact with the local distributor, via a phone call or link to their website.

The BLUairspace platform allows campaigns to be scheduled and managed so that digital content, whether video, 3D models, animations, action buttons, etc., are always relevant, up to date, and their usage tracked.

Working with Solimar Systems and Ajme Solutions, we can bring AR capability any printed documents, books, packaging, or even statements and bills.

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