Add Augmented Reality Experiences to Your Documents

Bringing, immersive, rich digital media content to the airspace above your documents!

The BLUairspace Platform is available now, we could run a proof of concept in a matter of days.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality or Mixed Reality, is a digital experience superimposed onto the physical world.  In the case of AR and print, we are making use of the air space above a printed page or "marker".  AR is accessed through a smartphone app.

What is an AR experience?

 Media rich experiences can include videos, audio tracks, photos, 3D models (that can be be rotated and viewed from any angle) and interactive "call to action" buttons.

Marker Based AR

A phone APP scans an image, this is recognised as a "marker" and an associated experience is displayed on the phone's screen. The experience or content appears in the airspace above the page

Marker based AR

Markerless AR

In this case the experience to be viewed is chosen in the app. This is great for product brochures or education. For example, furniture or other products can be placed in a room to get an idea of the look and feel, and you can walk around it to view it from all sides!

markerless AR



Augmented Reality brings immersive experiences to otherwise static documents. A sales brochure can contain promotional video, audio, 3D models of products and the all important "call to action". Because the experiences are maintained within our platform, it means that campaigns can be updated without the need to reprint documents, they can be planned, scheduled and measured online.

Zoo Brew Marketing Sample


Think of a novel where the cover appears to come to life, with video and interactions, either as an experience in it's own right, or as a promotion for complementary products.  School books, or technical manuals can contain videos or 3D models to help communicate concepts and knowledge.

manual with video

Statements and Bills

Enhance your customer's experience by brining your transactional documents to life with AR.
Promotional videos can be used to cross or up sell services, and buttons can be incorporated to allow a "call to action", that could be a link to website to register for an offer, place a phone call to sales or help line, send an email, or more.

Using Solimar technology we can add markers to existing statement and bill applications without the need to go back to expensive composition systems.

Pay now buttonRedeem a voucher

Personalised Experiences

A unique of our platform is the ability to integrate with your back end systems to create personalised experiences.  This means a user looking at a bank statement might see his financial information displayed as a 3D chart above the page, and even a video can be personalised to show his or her data.

personlaised charts and videos

The Platform

Ajme works with RealityBlu to bring their BLUairspace platform to the market. The BLUairspace platform brings the ability to manage multiple accounts, to plan and schedule campaigns from an easy to use web based interface. The XR Builder provides the ability to upload markers, see a score as to how well they might perform and then visually layout the experiences that are to be viewed.

The platform is ready now, contact us for more information and a demonstration.

Try it for yourself, search for "Solimar AR" in Apple or Google Play Stores.

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